Odonian Drifts – “Retroactive Enchantment”

Poetry and music are always a perfect match. “Retroactive Enchantment” is a very original and interesting tune that blends cinematic elements with spoken word. A track that makes you feel under the ocean. Listen right now!

Hello my friends! Always a pleasure to greet you. Today’s artist woke up from a dream and felt inspired to write it down and turn it into a song. Iain Rowley, AKA Odonian Drifts, a poet from Nottingham, UK, has delivered the third track from his upcoming album, ‘Earwitness on Trial’, due out this summer!

This single is a poetic feat which began as a solo piano demo recorded on Valentine’s Day to mark the 40th anniversary of the first ‘Loft’ party in NYC, orchestrated by legendary DJ/producer David Mancuso. Dedicated to, as the artist puts it, those who have spent much of the pandemic dancing mostly with their own shadows, this track is an attempt to encourage people and find joy in the collective again.

Beginning with sounds of nature and atonal synths, the track evolves into a cinematic landscape of digital instruments and occasional FX serving as decor. Ian’s vocals softly speak its written words speaking of a dream, merging both the physical and metaphysical.

It seemed fitting to combine a psychedelic-tinted lyricism, hints of anthemic uplift, and darker reflections on spaces riven by spiritual dereliction.” – Ian Rowley

Deeply rooted in the esoteric underground of England, you will listen to a dark ambience, and elements that fluctuate and pulse with a soft and low pace. With battling grief as its ultimate goal, Odonian Drifts advances with hope of redemption and a unique style of enchantment.

Each piece I write is an incantatory gesture cracking and straining to engage the solemn resolve for rigorous artistic play, to locate forces of re-enchantment in the hinterlands of grief. Love under threat is still love, dear kin.” – Odonian Drifts

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