Ben Teeney – “Perfect Stranger – Gretzky’s Advice”

A fantastic Emo Pop, double track release that mixes elements of Rock and EDM. “Perfect StrangerGretzky’s Advice” is the perfect duo if you’re facing a massive crush and don’t know what to do about it. Listen right now!

Let’s face it, having a crush on someone who doesn’t like you the same sucks. Specially if its your best friend. Well, this is exactly what happened to today’s artist. Ben Teeney, a music producer from Toronto, Canada, realized he had a massive crush with his best friend. So, he opened himself to her and even wrote her a song (Perfect Stranger)… Only that things didn’t go as planned.

So, Ben later came up with an aftermath song after being rejected (cheers dude, we’ve all been there) and decided to release this two-part single that very accurately encapsulates both sides of the coin: the massive crush, and the massive rejection.

Both tracks are very fun to listen to, specially track two, al least to me it was my favorite. Ben creates a pretty cool atmosphere with the help of synths, huge guitars and arpeggiated bass. His vocals are melodic and with a youthful vibe while also delivering that “emo” vibe, making his music perfectly fitted for any partying-crowd.

I developed a crush on one of my best friends after a mushroom trip, decided to ask them out via writing a song but between the production of the song taking a long time and mine and their schedule not syncing up, my friend actually ended up getting into a relationship before I could share the song with them- which the aftermath is covered on the b-side, “Gretzky’s Advice”. Obviously that outcome sucked for me, but at the end of the day, I’m thrilled that they’re happy and found love.” – Ben Teeney

Both tracks are very danceable and come in a special format that Ben likes to call “Emo-Pop”: a blend of Pop-Punk, Indie pop, and EDM (amongst other things). So you can expect an energetic, up-beat vibe flooded with thoughts and feelings that everyone can relate to. Coinciding with “Perfect Stranger” release is a music video – the setting being a goofy home date with a mannequin where things don’t go as planned.

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