Marry You” is a fairly interesting Indie-Rock track with a unique palette of colors and sounds. This single takes you for a ride through spoken word verses and bouncing drum beats, it is a sweet collection of genres that keeps evolving.

Well, hello there! Glad yo have you back. Today we present to you Manchester-based artist onedaybear’s latest single. But first let me introduce you. Onedaybear is a solo project from Manchester UK. This artist has been uploading demos to Soundcloud since 2010 after being inspired by the musical culture and heritage of his city.

Since then, the artist has been living in and out of Manchester, being in bands like La Dharma and other small projects. It wasn’t until last year that he decided to start recording and uploading music as a solo artist for the first time.

There are some unique qualities to his music, which by the way carries a very analog sound. It is filled with color, interesting drum grooves, as well as catchy melodies. His upcoming single “Marry You” is a fairly optimistic track that channels all of his Manchester roots. Although there might be some sense of nostalgia to it, the single captivates with its honesty and distinctive taste.

Immediately opening with the skipping beat of the drums, a smooth low bass line, and quirky guitar melodies the song soon turns into a spoken word track with peculiar lyrics and an uplifting choir. The smooth bass turns into a driving force after the chorus, and the guitars become even more attractive. A sole synth makes an appearance at the very finale, adding texture and variety.

Onedaybear is set for a successful solo carrier after this single, but we encourage you to hit that play button and listen NOW!

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