Roisin O’Hagan “Road From Nevada”

Burning with a will to live, nothing can keep a youthful spirit back when it’s got that strong desire to get out and explore. Today’s single is an anthem of a young soul exploring the world with bright eyes and embracing who she has grown to be. That young soul is an Americana artist named Roisin O’Hagan, and the song you’re about to hear is her newest single “Road From Nevada“.

The Essex, UK-based solo artist creates beautifully crafted Americana-pop flavoured music that stands out with the intimacy of her poetic lyrics. Inspired by some of the greatest artists from Taylor Swift to Tom Petty and Counting Crows, the innate nature of a young spirit is masterfully combined with expert songwriting skills. Basically, the music of Roisin O’Hagan comes full of vigor, and the newest single highlights that nature especially well.

Dreamy guitar sounds and smooth percussion invite into a soulful celebration of life, love for exploration and experiences, and love for the person she has grown to become. Her beautiful vocals soar high like an eagle, and the lyrics are tipped full of little references, tipping hat to the artists whose music had inspired her music the most, as well as giving a nod to phrase “sometimes dreams do come true”.

Road from Nevada” is the second single about to be released from the artist’s upcoming “Summer” EP. Earlier this year saw the release of another romantic single, which took place in a fictional place called “Sunset Valley”.

If you’re a fan of the sparkling energetic sound of americana-pop-rock, coupled with poetic inspiring lyrics, you’re definitely going to love Roisin O’Hagan!

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