Silverlux “Born to Chase the Sun”

Partly nostalgic, a little bit sad and yet accepting. Waking up one morning to realize that life is passing you by, the aforementioned emotions come and fill the room. It also brings a wind of change, a new chapter in life, and you’re slowly going for your morning cup of coffee. That’s the sound of “Born to Chase the Sun“, a single that comes with a notion “You’re older, but that’s not a bad thing at all”. In fact, that notion is supported by the single’s smooth vibrant atmosphere and the soft melodious vocals.

“Born to Chase the Sun” comes in like a change in weather moving from summery heat on to autumn breeze. The beginning feels minimal, hiding a whole world of layered emotions (and sounds) in it and slowly releasing them throughout the song’s duration. The staggering clarity especially offers that chilly feeling of change, and the vocals introduce the soft, almost fuzzy calmness even though the thought of lost youthful summer makes you feel sad.

“‘Born To Chase The Sun’ has been kicking around for almost a decade, but previous attempts to get it down haven’t worked out. It was only when I started working with Adele about a year ago that I dug it up, re-wrote the lyrics and managed (eventually!) to get it sounding how it does in my head. Lyrically, it’s about getting older and realising that you’ve missed the boat in some respects, but also being at peace with yourself, as you know that things generally work out ok in the end.”


This beautiful organic song comes from Silverlux, a powerful duo consisting of instrumentalist and music PhD student Clive Mead and a vocalist and full-time mom Adele Moore. The two embrace music that’s not following the latest trends often met in chart music, quite the contrary – inspired by soundtracks from 60s and 70s soul as well as artists like Air, Pink Floyd and Zero 7, Silverlux create soulful downtempo music with a timeless edge. Layered guitars twirl around in spacious atmospheres full of retro feeling with a pure edge offered by modern production, and when Adele starts singing, the whole song envelops you with quite a special kind of magic.

“We’re heavy on the retro vibe. Although I have a modern computer-based studio, I don’t really use any sounds that weren’t around in the 70s and we try to reflect that with our visual aesthetic too. It’s not a conscious choice, it’s just what moves me. The lyrics will generally have a story, but they’re not the focus of the song, as it’s more about the sound and creating a vibe.

Essentially, I write the music and lyrics, play all the instruments and record, produce and mix. Adele comes in when I’ve got the song fleshed out and then we generally record a demo. I’ll then tweak the lyrics and arrangement and then she comes back and we do the vocals properly. There are always lots of layers in my vocal arrangements, so it takes a while. The verse sections of ‘Born To Chase The Sun’ are made up of several layers of vocals, with Adele singing the same part an octave apart. There are literally dozens of non-verbal vocal layers in the instrumental sections. It was a shocking amount of work to get them sounding right, but I’m happy with the end result!”


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