The Infinity Process -“Losing Reality”

The Infinity Process returns with more melodic metal that sends chills down our spines. “Losing Reality” shows a more experimental side of the American band, without losing grace nor excellence.

After their single release Sinister, where the trio from Toledo, USA, shed a light over all the dark forces at work in the world, “Losing Reality” comes as a follow up to try and unmask all those people void of all emotion, empathy and the basic things that make us human.

For the concept of “Losing Reality” we wanted to continue the storyline from our last single, “Sinister”, and write something from the prospective of the antagonists in that song. With this track, we take you into the mind of the people who live to brainwash and control others, and love to watch the world burn. They thrive on chaos and destruction. As the song progresses, it gets more frantic and intense.

The Inifity Process

With a clear Evanescence influence, this single once again comes with the alluring and exciting vocals of Kimberly Tingley, who makes a flawless performance. The song unravels itself as the lyrics develop into the criticism of all of those who manipulate, lie, and cheat to get their way, trying to control us.

Guitars are heavier than ever and the drums move forward with an uncanny beat. The lyric video presents the condemning verses, with images that represent them. The song grows heavier and heavier as it moves forward until it explodes into a massive breakdown with screaming vocals that grabs us by surprise.

Without a doubt, “Losing Reality” is The Infinity Process’ most ambitious and heavy work up to date. Recorded at The Chinchilla Lair Produced and Engineered by Jason Tingley Mastering by Nick Burchall @ Audio Animals Music.

The music style of Losing Reality continues a conscious effort to evolve our style, song structures, and song-writing to a slightly darker/heavier and more complex sound from earlier releases.

So far our 2022 plans include booking a headlining show in July, along with continuing to work on new tracks.

Cover Art: Derek Magrum/Stay-Tuff

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