This widely contrasting single addresses the modern-day issue of “social media etiquette”, or in other words, having to take very good care of what you say to the world to avoid getting bullied or, even more, cancelled. “Heart Of Glass” is a fairly interesting release by this London-based band and we recommend you give it a listen!

The track tells the story of an amazing girl; smart, polite, and with a big heart; who finds herself under a barrage of social media attacks and cancellation for having innocently said something that doesn’t agree with the attackers’ point of view.

Death of Death is the project of former Boyfromthecrowd singer and guitarist, Vincent Dusk. Vincent has been around for a while, he has a lot of experience and clearly a lot of talent, used to create his dark and evolving sound. The band was born out of the first UK lockdown.

The only thing cooler than Death of Death’s name its their music. It’s obscure but with a wide variety of changes that keep us guessing what’s going to happen next. For example, in “Heart Of Glass” the verses are melancholic and in a minor key, but the chorus stands apart with a completely different intention. Not just that but also the track keeps changing between emotions, textures and melodies, creating a hypnotic mix of Punk-Rock and melodic landscapes.

Ultimately, the single points out to Vincent trying to encourage the unknown girl to keep strong, and even fight back ruthlessly and mercilessly against the coward strangers, safely protected behind their screens.

Lyrically, the concept of Heart of Glass arose from a desire to help people overcoming similar problems.” Vincent Dusk

Death of Death has become a new way of interacting with fans all over the world, exploring new sounds, song structures, and engaging with technology for Vincent. He will continue to release a single every month over the course of 2022, each supported by video premieres.

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