Foe “Diamonds”

Shiny and shimmering “Diamonds” is a single that has the same amount of sheen as the gemstone it’s named after. This synthpop song is also the latest release of Foe, and it is all about the journey of an artist creating their new piece of art.

“Diamonds” begins its journey with a string of synth chords that sound like violins setting a cinematic atmosphere, which is followed by an electrifying electric guitar riff and layered drums. The velvety singing voice is lent by a wonderful vocalist Alina Valentine, and she effortlessly describes the creative path of an artist, underlining moments of hesitation and being lost. The aforementioned creative path is what inspired the song too, as the idea came to Foe from a YouTube video about music composition. Trying to follow along and getting lost in the process instead, the artist’s appreciation for those who manage to walk that creative path grew into a new song instead and is now a shiny diamond with epic guitar riffs!

Based in Tel Aviv, Foe is a synthpop producer creating sparkling sounds with a dramatic outline. Having recently quit a job to have more time and energy for their true passion – music, Foe finds inspiration for writing music from life. Stories of self-esteem, self-sacrifice to achieve your dreams and the glory and woes of life in general offer a lot of surface to the listener to connect, and the synth-driven sound with an endless driving energy feels like an energy drink after a long shift, sparking you up without all the awful side effects.

If you’re a fan of synthpop and the energy this genre brings, you’ll definitely like Foe!

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