Alli Bean- Outside Voice

Jazz can serve us to tell a variety of different emotions. Each rhythm, each chord, each harmony and melody in jazz serves a function that is based upon a system musicians use as building blocks that tie organically with one another, forming distinct phrases which transform into complex ideas and images. It is a system that opens its doors to improvisation, allowing an individual personal connection to what is being played. This can be observed in Alli Bean‘s debut album, Outside Voice, an expressive work in which the Canadian singer-composer uses jazz and its related genres (funk, blues, R&B, among others) to let out a personal and extremely expressive inner voice to light. A fun album that none shall miss out!

Outside Voice’s conception comes alongside the Covid19 pandemic. Lockdown reduced the numbers of life performances almost to zero. But, instead disencouraging her of making music, Ali Bean took it as an opportunity to experiment in ways of collaborating remotely. Luckily, she was able to mantain connection with members of other projects where she has participated. Thus, she was able to enlist the collaboration of Dave Friend and Stewart McLellan. Together, they form a unique energy. Each of their individual voices interact with each other to create something truly special and full of honesty.

“Outside Voice is about personal growth & boundary setting. It’s about learning where your responsibilities lie & sitting with the understanding that not all people are our friends, even when they smile brightly & offer us our perception of love. It’s about confronting who we are in the face of the way others see us & shouting loud truths while letting sleeping dogs lie.” Ali Bean

Outside Voice is an album full of groove and style. Ali Bean and her band play around different genres, which include jazz fusion, funk and blues. They experiment with a unique set of voices for each instrument and styles of vocals. From the chords of “Twenty Questions” (a song in twenty questions) or “Another Way” and its beat to the more funky “Two Birds” or “Peacock Blue” or the expressive “When the News Break”, there is something for all jazz enjoyers alike. Ali Bean has a few surprises under her sleeve, as well. “Grief and Gratitude” is a calmer instrumental jazz tune that makes us understand what the album is made of, without saying any words, Ali Bean conveys such emotions with the piano, with out a question a stand out piece of this album. “Not My Problem”, the closing track of the album, synthetizes just what jazz is all about. On it, she lets her piano go wild with a superb exciting solo. Each instrument talks with an individual voice. But when they come together, magic happens. Everything suddenly takes a new meaning.

“First time listeners can expect an honest kick in the behind with a side of grooves & riffs to soften the delivery”

Alli Bean

Alli Bean presents with Outside Voice and essential album for all jazz fans. Do not miss it out!

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