The Velvet Shadow “Dreamlines”

Lone nighttime, followed by equally lonely daytime with an unusual quantity of stillness that felt new back when it all started, and still feels alien now. In the middle of this altered universe resides an artist named The Velvet Shadow, and he has taken the still ambience around him, combined it with the thoughts of a lonely being and turned them into music.

The result is “Dreamlines“, a nocturnal single that weaves its way through the empty hallways and quiet streets. As you could probably tell by now, it’s a song that was born out of the 2020 lockdowns. The Velvet Shadow, Manchester-based electronic music producer, composer and DJ was living alone at the time and, wanting to escape the hopelessness and creeping claustrophobic feeling, he turned to music, creating calming and ethereal electronic sounds that would blur out the walls and fill the soul up with freedom and open air. “Dreamlines”, the beautiful shimmering song holds all those qualities and provides the weary mind with what it really needs – calmness. As well as dreams.

Beatless by nature, the single gives focus on the soft serene melodies running on top of sustained bassline. Melodies shift in intensity and clarity as if giving a nod to the fact even in the eternal sameness introduced by the lockdowns, there were still better and worse days, and so the song brings moments of true calmness and times of held-back anxiety. The overall feeling of sitting alone in the evening, staring at the sky and letting the dreams run free in the dusky sky feels comforting and just very relatable.

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