Havoc Osiris “Evolutions”

We wake up as a different person every day. Even if you don’t really feel any change, all the things big and small happening to us in daily lives leave their mark in sculpting who you are. It’s an ongoing process of change on a different plan – some call it growing up, others call it more fittingly as an evolution. That process has become the base theme for the new album by Havoc Osiris, the Plano-based producer who previously featured on the blog with “Imbalance“, his 7-minute auditory novel without a narrator.

Fittingly titled “Evolutions“, the new album comes as a journey split into 18 carefully sculpted tracks. Electronic at heart, it’s an ever-evolving and progressive release with each title carrying their own part in the whole picture. The entirely instrumental album ditches the reliance on lyrics, instead the artist intends to bring the listeners into his own world of music, allowing them to explore and find their own path through the soundscapes. Every subsection of the journey features an own soundscape that’s thoroughly explored by the artist to minute detail, finding great joy bridging the endless list of inspirations with the artist’s own vision of a music-driven world. It’s a strongly rhythm-inspired release as it it’s lending to the phrase “rhythm of life”, while incorporating melodies and sounds that sometimes clash with each other and other times harmonize. That’s all part of the evolution.

“I always felt like some, we get so consumed with everything that we haven’t done, to the point that we prevent ourselves from appreciating the ways we actually have grown as people—evolved, if you will. I’ve done that countless times actually, and it wasn’t until the fall of 2021 that I really started to reflect on my own personal growth. That introspection actually served as the conceptual foundation of what would be “Evolutions”, and it actually complimented my style very well.

Beyond the personal, real-life significance behind “Evolutions”, each track still holds true to my modus operandi of taking listeners out of their reality and into my world—a mission that I’m very blatantly carrying out on just the title of certain songs alone. Still, at its heart, wanted to use the album to define the different ways that all walks of life progress through life when they’re struggling to see the ways they already have progressed in their lives…but I wanted to do it my way if I was going to do it at all.”

Havoc Osiris

“Evolutions” is part of 21+ project set to release on June 4th. That particular date is the artist’s birthday, and he wishes to let the audience hear as much of his best work as possible, while at the same time also forging his own path free of general restrictions imposed in advice often given to artists. The listener is a central part for Havoc Osiris, and the artist does not include any lyrics in his work, allowing listeners to create their own story in their minds while the songs play. The only worded guidelines offered by the titles. And if you are a first-time listener, here’s what Havoc has to say:

“What’ll always be important to me, regarding first time listeners, is that they know that I love finding ways to spark the abstract visions within them, or at least the ideas that other people thought were “weird,”, but it should be known that sometimes, the best way to let your imagination run wild through music is to look no further than reality. Why? Because real life is a strange place on its own, and yet it serves as the perfect base for the fantasies in our head that help make the world make sense, even if the world doesn’t seem any better or worse for it.”

Havoc Osiris

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