DJ G-String “I Want You to Know”

Are you seeking for music that injects positivity into your daily life? If yes, then well – you’re in the right place! DJ G-String has just released her newest single that brings smooth vibes, optimism and a message of love into even the rainiest of days.

The song, titled “I Want You to Know“, is a collaborative fruit of DJ G-String and TC5Official. Both are skilled producers and DJ’s, and the two joined their forces to create a summery and vibrant tune with a classic tech house sound and a strong feel-good vibe. The latter is emphasized by the vocals provided by DJ G-String, and her joyful singing drives forth the song’s message – reach out to people you care about and let them know how much they mean to you. That message of love and appreciation is also released in perfect time – the Pride month, and that is carried further by the song’s music video that holds themes of LGBTQ+ and boundless love.

The bubbling and vibrant house tune radiates happy energy and keeps a warm feeling going, joining the classic good production with fresh new ways. Even if the multitalented artists Dj G-String and TC5Official may have their own styles, their collaboration comes just as naturally. “I Want You to Know” is a sparkling vocal house tune that gets you up and dancing, and it’s a perfect example of the two powerhouses and what they’re capable of creating together!

Listen to the song now!

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