Jim Jagger – “Memories of Spring”

Sometimes life may not be what we expected it to be, seeming that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But there is an inner strength in all of us that pushes us to be resilient and continue on. Sometimes we must remind ourselves of it. “Memories of Spring” is the newest folk rock single by singer-songwriter Jim Jagger. It is a tender, sweet and nostalgic song about reminding ourselves that we can overcome every obstacle during though situations.

“Memories of Spring” began when Jim Jagger was raising money for the Motor Neuron Disease Association. As a token of thanks to the donors, he offered to write them a song of a topic of their choice. A close friend of his decided to dedicate this opportunity to write a song about another of her friends, who was going through rough times. Understanding what she was going through due to living through similar circumstances, Jim Jagger went right into it.

I’ve been through depression in the past and I could feel Emma’s pain for Jenn in that situation. So I asked for a few details about Jenn. She is an avid gardener with productive green fingers, has 3 kids, and is a poet herself and regular attendee at a poetry club. So I started writing and the melody came like a flood, the lyrics flowed out alongside the music. This was one of those songs that you don’t feel you wrote yourself (I was an empty vessel receiving water). You can see how the lyrics flow out from those key elements of her life. I feel the song is not only about her, but restorative for her in a gentle unobtrusive way, to help her find a way back. Jim Jagger

In “Memories of Spring”, Jim Jagger includes various poetic images based around gardening. By using them, he reminds us that it is in our strength to overcome weakness and grow, of overcoming a cloudy day to bloom in the next sunny day. In the musical aspect, he highlights the intimacy of the lyrics with a minimalistic approach. He sings alongside his guitar. But the story he tells is not an individual one. As he continues the song, he is joined by other voices and other instruments until it reaches the final conclusion, as everything comes together in a marvelous choir, representing everyone who has gone through difficult times, and that they are not alone.

“Memories of Spring” is a beautiful reminder of how a flower can blossom even in the desert. Jim Jagger’s newest single is a touching and uplifting one, just what we needed to remind us of our own strength, that no matter what, we can go through. As he strives to spread love and compassion through his music, 50% of all lifetime earnings of the single will be donated to charity.

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  1. I felt the line “Sometimes life may not be what we expected it to be” deep in my soul. *Big facts.*

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