Jordan Jones “Flawless”

There is hardly a better feeling out there than spending a restful Sunday in bed with your loved one. Listening to music, cuddling and the infectious comfort of the bed mark a really lazy and sweet Sunday well spent. Among the songs that could fit the playlist is a new single by Jordan Jones.

The single in question is titled “Flawless“. It’s a truly lazy day song, full of smooth easygoing vibes embedded by the vibrant synth chords and gaining additional sparkle from the slow percussion. And when you listen to the lyrics, the song also becomes a little anthem of love towards the special someone the day is spent with. Full of love, sleepy sensuality and warm comfort, the title “Flawless” makes perfect sense. The modern well-shaped production present in the song offers a fresh youthful feeling as well.

“I want this song to be light and fun. My first single was a true story song about my previous relationship ending and now this song is about being full circle…. back in love and in the moment. It was inspired by what I like to do on Sundays. Chillin, listening to music, being in the moment with my person. I keep myself pretty busy but to me Sundays are about taking my time and forgetting about all the bullshit we have to deal with through out the week. I’m obviously a big music fan, when find new music I love I listen to it on repeat… I want to meet that idea with staying in bed with my better half.”

Jordan Jones

“Flawless” is the third single coming from Jordan Jones, the Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. He’s a youthful pop artist who loves marrying smooth pop and r&b vibes with lyrics people could easily relate to. Inspirations flow in from stories of his life as well as popular artists good at telling stories in a simple yet catchy sort of way – Halsey, 6lack, Ed Sheeran, Pink Sweats and Drake among others. The result is deeply reinvigorating and popping invitation for all sorts of good feelings, making Jordan Jones’ music just perfect for kicking back and relaxing.

“This is a new project so honestly I don’t know what to expect haha. I have a background of playing in multiple project over the years the ranged from singer/songwriter, blues, rock, pop-rock. I love R&B and POP so that is my main influence with this project. I love when the low end hits hard with a top line that cuts through. I’m self taught so I don’t really follow a template when I’m writing… I just go with what feels right at the time and is fun to sing. Over what can be expected is music that is genuine and comes from a place of love. Something I’ve learned over the years is that my purpose is to spread love…. That’s my goal with my music. To spread the message of love… whether if it’s love for others or love for the self.”

Jordan Jones

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