Louis Cross “Picture Frame”

A quiet afternoon spent drinking tea and looking at a picture of yourself and a loved one. That photo is from when things were all fine, the loved person was healthy and you had lots of fun together. Bittersweet memories arise as you think of that person now. Louis Cross feels through the bittersweetness in his newest single titled “Picture Frame“.

Manchester-based Louis Cross is a young singer-songwriter who creates flavorful gentle indie folk-pop with a low-key acoustic feel. Influenced by artists ranging from Ed Sheeran to Bob Dylan, Louis Scott seeks to inspire listeners with his heart-felt lyrics as well as caress with soft well-rounded instrumentation. Touching themes that may often be heavy especially for those who relate to them personally, the artist sings about life with disability (the man himself has peripheral neuropathy) as well as giving voice to the LGBTQ+ community.

Disability is also the theme of his new single “Picture Frame”. Dedicated for the artist’s grandma, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers, the song was written from the perspective of the person with the condition – getting diagnosed, the effects of the disease on herself as well as the family surrounding her. The result is a soft guitar-driven song full of sadness, longing and acceptance. The way the song’s lyrics describe the onset of Alzheimers hits especially hard, shining light on both how it affects family members, but especially the despair and embarrassment this brings to the person herself. It’s sad, but at the same time it’s full of love and appreciation for those who stay around.

The first verse is about her mother dying from the condition, and now she has started see the effects of Alzheimers through herself. The 2nd verse is about the effects this has had on her husband, and the bridge is about the effects on her child through her eyes.


My music aims bring across different stories and experiences that I have had through my songwriting, and hope that people out there will relate and resonate with my music! I also write about my own physical condition and other topics too.

Louis Cross

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