Sergio Napoletano takes us on a journey through time and experiences, most of them during the pandemic. The “Memory Aisle” EP is an uplifting and soothing collection of Indie/Classic Rock tracks that brings positivism and self-reflection. For fans of Wilco, Kings Of Leon, Spoon.

OUT NOW! (RD: 06/10/22)

New week, new music. Thank you for joining us once again! Today we have a very pretty EP created by American singer-songwriter Sergio Napoletano, a musician who’s spent years perfecting his craft as a guitarist, and who has now found bandmates to help him crystallise his vision.

“Memory Aisle” is a 5-track EP filled with personal stories and soothing Rock elements. The result of years passing and life changing; getting married, becoming a father, going through the pandemic, etc. All these tracks were conceived as a way of reflecting over the ups and downs over the last few years, and as an attempt to fit all of the pieces together through music and lyrics.

“Writing songs was fortunately still my way of reflecting on all of the ups and downs over the last few years that allowed overwhelming moments to channel their way through melody and song. Which is why Memory Aisle is the title track my best attempt at fitting all the pieces together through lyric and song”.

Sergio Napoletano

We start with “Lockjaw” a track with a very interesting guitar riff and a superb drum playing. Sergio’s vocals remind us of the Tennessee rockers, Kings Of Leon. An amalgamation of analog instruments with a punchy rhythm and a feel-good cadence.

Sergio joined forces with musicians AJ Pantaleo (drums), Thomas Pistilli (bass), and Joe Pecora (Lead Guitar on Lockjaw) to help him bring life to his recordings. Initially all recorded with an iPhone so that Sergio wouldn’t forget the melodies, tracks like “Kids In The Hall” turned into a magnificent symphony of piano, drums, bass, guitars, and voice.

Track 3, “Memory Aisle” is a colorful approach to the acoustic tones of guitars and piano, tethered together with a swinging groove and the adding melodies of electric guitars. Probably the cornerstone of the EP, carrying a lot of positive energies and warm subtleties that bring joy to the ears.

There are still two tracks left for you to discover so we encourage you to pre-save/pre-order the EP and listen to them!

As a live act, the band can go from light and airy to gritty and tight, sometimes trading in their sweet polished sound for a more clunky indie-rock vibe which often demonstrates the real strength of their music: concise, well-written songs and undeniable musical chemistry.

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