The Nation Mourns- “Laura”

Finding oneself is a difficult task. As we slowly discover new and unknown parts of us, we may begin to develop insecurities because sometimes those facets do not correspond of the image that others had of us or even we had of ourselves. We start hiding our true personality. What would others think about me? Was I like this all of my life? Sometimes we need a little push to finally accept who we truly are, a little bit of support of those who care about us. The Nation Mourns newest single “Laura” is about finding oneself and being not afraid to show it to others. Inspiring and touching, a new single that you cannot miss out!

The Nation Mourns is a folk project headed by Irish singer-songwriter Neil O’Shea. He was led to songwriting by a variety of genres, particularly rock and blues, as well as a diverse cast of artists, including Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Jackson & Frank. His music is characterized by its subtle yet powerful approach with everyday stories that hide a deeper meaning, with hints of melancholy. While based in Berlin, he is currently writing his newest album Remember/Leaving alongside Cameron James Laing of Universal Publishing. “Laura” is his latest single.

“Laura” develops a personal sound due to the intimacy of the guitar and the lyrics. With only his guitar and his expressive voice, O’Shea’s song is directed to a person named Laura. He sings about finally letting her hidden aspects and personality come to light, about embracing and loving herself for whom she truly is. But, who is Laura? Laura is a metaphor of that vulnerable person that we are afraid to show to others. The Nation Mourns sings directly into that person hidden deep inside of us and invites them to come out.

“Laura” is a heartwarming single by The Nation Mourns full of intimacy and masterful lyrics. Give it a listen NOW!

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