Yana “Calm Before the Storm”

In the hurry of life where everyone is rushing somewhere, it’s really easy to lose track of what is really important. It’s the enjoyment of being alive, and the knowledge that you have one life only. Hearing about a sudden passing of someone that you may or may not even know reminds of the fragility of life, the harrowing news tapping on the shoulder reminding to take the most out of your life.

The newest single of Czech singer-songwriter Yana is also here to remind us of that. Titled “Calm Before the Storm“, the soft folk song sounds like a warm serene morning with no wind, tinted with feelings of sadness. It’s the sort of day that follows after hearing shocking news of someone’s untimely passing, and the realisation it brings is: enjoy being alive and well, because this could change very suddenly.

In fact, this single was influenced by some very sad news- the sudden death of a fellow bright artist in Czech folk scene, a singer and fiddle player Jitka Suranska. Yana didn’t know that artist personally, but hearing of her passing was a shock nonetheless, as she was only 41.

Calm Before the Storm” is the second single revealed from Yana’s upcoming debut album “Journey of the Soul”. The first single, which was the calming and cherishing “Reach Out“, was revealed back in February this year, and the two songs promise for a beautiful folk album with a strong Irish heart.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts!

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