Hallbeck “Dagarna Med Dig”

People of my country have never seen the future in darker colors as they do now. Quite honestly, so do I, and I scramble for anything that provides delight and allows to forget the gloomy things and concentrate on everything that is just fine. The new single of Hallbeck, “Dagarna Med Dig” turns out to be the perfect medicine for all of us needing a dose of joy and a reminder of all the good things we have right now.

For the artist, “Dagarna Med Dig” also stands for something else. That’s finding what brings joy in your heart. In fact, not too long ago, the seasoned musician didn’t feel like making music anymore, and so he gave up on music for a while. Until one day, at a Wilco concert, he witnessed the band singing songs with all their heart, and that feeling of raw beauty inspired Hallbeck to pick up songwriting again as well as do something new – start singing.

“I never used to sing before. Sure the odd bar band sing along, but I only got the confidence to do it the last few years. But I think I have a voice now and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, when I was 10 and stood in front of the mirror mining to The Sweet, I was Brian Conolly the lead singer, not Any Scott the guitar player!”


And so the joyous and vibrant song was born. It’s a timeless song of finding love, soaking up all the happy and incredible emotions love brings within. It’s also a song celebrating all positive things, no matter how small. Being the debut single for Hallbeck on his solo adventure, this song opens up so many doors for great things to come. His voice is full of happiness and inspires to sing along as the guitar melodies send out lots of positive energy, the whole single is built to bring out the happy emotions within you the listener, and perhaps even make you smile and go pick up an activity you enjoy the most. What more, “Dagarna Med Dig” is an inspiring song of celebrating yourself:

“Well, three years ago I found the love of my life. After a long time recovering after a relationship that ended in complete disaster and a very serious attempt on my life. Years of therapy and self doubt I am at a very good place in my life now. In my other band Charkoal we write rockier stuff in a sort of Foo Fighters vein, but I felt I needed to express this song in Swedish, as it would feel a bit ridiculous to write it in English, and i wanted a more singer/songwriter approach to it. I think originally I intended it as a one off thing, but now I have received so much love that I will continue recording some more songs in Swedish.”

The creative path is all open for the Swedish singer-songwriter, and he already has many little plans lined up. There’s a whole lot of soul bubbling in this artist’s chest, so join along and experience the positive side of life – you deserve it!

“I might start a translation of one of my Charkoal songs, Ghost, which is a song about losing contact with my kids. So it kinda fits as a back story and a retrospective starting point for Dagarna.Hallbeck

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