Chris Wenner “The Ladder”

For those of you reminiscing on love in the past, there’s a great new song to accompany you on those thoughts. For those who wish to find some brilliant guitar-driven singer-songwriter music, that same song is a perfect match for your searches. That song is called “The Ladder“, and its author is a German artist named Chris Wenner!

Already an established singer-songwriter, Chris Wenner enjoys creating music as authentic as the feelings bubbling in his heart. “The Ladder” is a perfect example of this, as it’s a song looking back on a relationship that didn’t last. It’s not a sulking story, instead it soaks in the warm summer sun, the shimmery warm guitar melodies building up a full-bodied atmosphere while his gentle singing voice lines up the emotions felt towards the lady he used to be in love with.

Feelings of longing and quiet sadness over how things ended walk through the song, sometimes wishing things were still as they used to be. The soft melodies and calm rhythm leads us to a contrasting standpoint that perhaps shows the amount of hurting the most: him wishing he never met her. Yet the whole song feels kind of at peace with the past events. What can one really do other than learning?

The cozy folky song feels a lot like lonely summer days spent wandering around and pondering in thoughts. However, somewhere on the path you’ll find …acceptance. 🙂
“The Ladder” is already out, take a listen now!

 It’s about a love that did not work the way we had hoped. Getting back to life took a long time. Still miss her sometimes.

Chirss Wenner

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