Ellery Twining’s tribute single “Weatherall”

To song you’re about the hear today called “Weatherall” by Ellery Twining” is full of Memories. The specks of fleeting nature have been joined back together to recreate what took place and everything that was felt at the time, and it has taken the form of an audio-diary that serves as a memory sphere giving a shoutout to times gone past.



Most importantly, the single is created as a tribute to British DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall. Thus the track is titled after the DJ, who sadly passed away during the time Ellery Twining worked on his album “Revenge“, on which “Weatherall” was the debut single. The whole release is a lovely reminiscing spoken word journey with occasional singing, and the debut single is no different.

“Weatherall” takes the listener back to a party organized in an attic, people dragging in sound equipment and putting a whole lot of effort into setting the whole thing up. The music that was played were Weatherall’s records, and the atmosphere was thick with excitement and joy. Perhaps part of the excitement came from the fact they were all trespassing on a property set to be demolished, and when demolition did take place the following week, the mixed emotions present at that time are hard to describe. Ellery doesn’t describe the emotions, but the way he tells the story of what took place leaves a lot to the listener’s imagination.

The single is accompanied by a music video done by photographer Michelle Gemma and edited by James Canty. Acting as a visual companion to the story told in “Weatherall”, the music video contains a host of memory-filled clips of a dark intimate dancefloor in the attic, the DJ playing records as well as pictures of invitations to the party. The upsetting images of the demolition of the house that was used for parties followed by the organizers’ sadness and anger definitely leave a haunting mark.


WE BUILT A DISCO IN THE ATTIC for real 1995Ellery Twining

Both the song and the music video of “Weatherall” are an excellent tribute to the whole underground club culture, especially the passion, and excitement present in organizing those events. It’s insightful even for those who have never been part of this culture.


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