Vehicles – “Belief In Habits”

This American Alternative/Indie-Rock band is releasing a brand new album with a seasoned sound perfectly aged by the tides of time. “Belief In Habits” is a fairly interesting Rock experience filled with Post-Rock, New Wave, and Neo-Psychedelic sounds. (RD: 17/06/22)

When Cody Cloud named his band VEHICLES back in 2006, it wasn’t a reference to transportation – rather transformation.

Welcome back guys! Today we have a very, very good album for y’all Alternative/Indie-Rock lovers. A full album by this Wichita based band has come to our midst, and it is nothing less than extraordinary! A brilliant mix of New Wave sound under a Melodic Rock spirit.

All the way since 2006, Vehicles has been moved by playing live, and after all these years they have won a recognition for their live shows. With a wide discography of singles and albums under their belt, Cody Cloud, Isaac Pearson, Tony Hull, Cale Gubitz and Thayne Coleman are fully experienced musicians with a lot of things yet to say.

Belief In Habits is their brand new album, born from the isolation of the pandemic, and the frustration, pain, and uncertainty that came with it. But don’t be upset, this songs are far from being downers, in fact, they’re everything but hurting.

Every song is like a completely new story that picks up over the next, there are a lot of influences that garnish this album. I’ll bet that one of them is Pink Floyd, as singer/guitarist Cody Cloud’s voice is very similar to David Gilmour’s himself. Post-Rock influences are definitely there, in tracks like Diamonds & Rhinestones, and even some guitar sounds that reminded me of U2’s The Edge in tracks like Sirens and 40 Hour Angels.

A collection of 11 tracks, none of them repeating themselves. The album has a very fresh and professional sound that amazes with its levels of composition. Guitars, bass, drums, keys; everything comes together as a whole to deliver a unique listening experience.

The VEHICLES sound is cinematic yet simple, dark yet hopeful. The guitars sing while keyboards change moods atop the bass and drums banging a thick foundation of bump. The vocals soar and rest like a flock of cranes in migration flight.

The band was created under the idea that many voices can come together to create transformational emotional experiences and connections, and songs are the vehicles that bring musicians, friends and family together… I think that this idea is very much supported by the fact that each song makes you feel amazed, filled with emotions, and with a sensation of being connected to them.

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