Indigo Out- “Just What It Is”

Thinking about the past may make us ask ourselves what may have been if we had made different choices. Thinking about the future may fill us with anxiety about our current choices and if they truly are the correct ones. But today’s featured single ask us to focus our mind in the present moment. “Just What It Is” is the newest single by American singer-songwriter Indigo Out, an optimistic and light hearted pop rock song about accepting the present just as it is. Taking inspiration from psychedelic rock from the 60’s, Indigo Out features a song that raises the spirit as its main task.

Indigo Out is comprised by multi-instrumentalist Mark Savidge (vocals, guitars, bass, drums) and Jess Fulford (visual art). Inspired by various bands from the 60’s such as The Beatles and modern bands such as Tame Impala, Indigo Out focuses on creating an oldtimey sound with modern production tools. In the case of “Just What It Is” we can find it in the way it was mixed and mastered, in which each instrument is given a chance to shine, a process also carried out by Savidge. Not only did they embrace the 60’s in their sound, but also in their mindset, allowing themselves a freedom to include spontaneous moments in various moments of the track.

This track originally started as an experiment to see if I could reproduce some of the super unique production of Rain by The Beatles (which, despite being a big Beatles fan, I hadn’t heard until recently somehow). I ended up keeping some of the guitar playing and drum patterns I came up with, and the song slowly became a melting pot of all the spontaneous ideas I came up with while producing 60s sounds with modern equipment. I really tried to embrace the “if it sounds good, it is good” mentality on this song, and just go with the flow (hence the “woo!” at 0:58 lol). The lyrics are mostly about my inability to enjoy the present moment because I’m always trying to fix something or be productive, and how I’ve learned to accept things as the way they are; but I also left the lyrics a bit open for interpretation, as I like people to come up with different meanings on each listen. -Indigo Out

“Just What It Is” focuses on a structure that builds tension with the verses that then is released in the chorus, reflecting the themes of the song. Indigo Out sings of the past and future in verses, and sings about accepting the present in the chorus. Each instrument (particularly the guitar) play with distinct chords that subtly build tension without being completly dissonant. But Indigo Out’s biggest strategy is found in the vocals. Indigo Out is able to transform his voice with his intonation, giving a particular emotional feel to each section of the song. As such, “Just What It Is” is able to connect with every listener.

“Just What It Is” invites us to live the present moment to our fullest. Indigo Out newest release is an optimistic single that everyone must hear.

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