It’s over, my friends, Mr. Sunshine has the high ground. Bringing all the heat of 90’s Boombap rap mixed with some sweet, sweet R&B vocals, this British producer will be delivering a “hot” rap mixtape that aims towards standing apart lame rappers and beats that sound the same.


Lisbon-based producer Mr. Sunshine is releasing a 5-track EP made in collaboration with some amazing artist of the genre which include: Bronze Nazareth & Roxiie Reese (track 1 “In the Sky”), Elisa Gobbi, Micwise, cpt.6_7 & Nekro G. 5 songs of Boombap rap with a chilled mood and an intense vocal performance.

Mr. Sunshine focuses on writing music that combines a wide variety of creative influences like the punch old-school rap, or the melodies of modern rap music. Starting with the melodic R&B vibes of “In The Sky“, the EP presents a mellow sound carried by tight drums and carefully crafted rhymes.

Track 2, “Take It Away” presents Mr. Sunshine spitting bars over a Boombap beat feat Micwise. Rhythmic guitars and background synths provide the melody. Track 3, “Paved The Way” once again presents top-notch R&B vocals by Nekro G, Elisa Gobbi , this time supported by a beautiful and complex piano arpeggio. Mr. Sunshine later appears once again to deliver the heat.

Mr Sunshine knows how to deliver music that feels engaging and varied, tipping the hat off to some of the most compelling hip-hop vibes on the scene. The release is very diverse, as there are many contributors offering something unique to the flow.

“This mixtape is exactly what hip hop needs nowadays with all these weak rappers and all the beats sounding the same. I connected with some artists around the world to make this project and it gives you that nice 90s boombap hip hop vibe.”

Mr Sunshine

We continue with the soulful elements of “Exile“, with the artist opening up in a more personal level, using his rhymes to communicate his truth with messages of struggle and hope feat Nekro G. The final track “State Of Mind” is the most emotive track of the EP, with sung R&B vocals by Elisa Gobbi touching themes like love and loss over an inspiring beat.

If you’re into the rap and Boombap genre you should check out “High Ground Mixtape” right now! Remember to hit that press play button, and do let us know what you think!

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  1. The line about “This mixtape is exactly what hip hop needs nowadays” is fantastic.

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