Audri New EP “Mechanic High”

Audri new EP “Mechanic High”. Memories are fragile things. With the passing of time, we begin to forget the details of even the most pleasant ones. But there is something truly special in memories, something we may retain forever: emotions. Sure, we may mix up dates, places, and faces, but we will never forget how we felt during them. In this way, emotions become the most resilient aspect of the mind. This EP is an ode to joy and memory itself.

The three upbeat tracks of the album paint pictures through their music and their lyrics that are sure to tingle emotion/memory core: by generating a certain emotion in the listener, Audri awakens a pleasant memory in them. Mechanic High is a little time machine that takes us back into those special moments we may have forgotten, but still lived on us through our memories.

Audri has been releasing music at a steady pace since 2020. Her past three EP’s have accumulated over a million streams on Spotify, and Mechanic High is sure to attract the same attention. The concept of the album is about retaining happiness and recalling those times we were happy and creating even more for us to remember in the future.

Audri captures this sensation of playful joy on a musical level and lyrical level through storytelling techniques that place us in a certain time-space. The people behind all the magic were Audri on the vocals and piano, Elliot Austin on the bass, Giovanni Recchi on the drums, Sawyer Thompson on guitar, Chris Rahm on engineering, Austen-Jux Chandler on mixing, and Rachel Field on mastering.

The three songs that makeup Mechanic High tackle a specific moment, freezing it in time in the form of a song. “Euphoria” takes place in an amusement park in an extremely vivid way. The music transits from the jumpy upbeat verse into a calmer chorus, symbolizing ourselves, as a child, running around, looking to all the marvels for things to do. This childlike innocence is transmitted through Audri’s vocals.

This energy is transmitted into the next track “Runaway Rabbit”: a song about living life-changing adventures right outside your backyard. Even though the music retains this childlike feel in the instrumentation and vocals, representing the endless imagination of children, it soon becomes epic through the introduction of a guitar solo.

The adventure becomes real. “Pasture Lullaby” is a ballad that closes the EP by making a summary of its themes. Melancholic, Audri sings alongside her piano how these precious moments won’t last forever. She shows us her vocal range when she feels her voice with nostalgia and happiness with a tint of sadness of those moments far gone. We must embrace them in the best way we can so that they will live on in our memories.

Audri Mechanic High press photo

Audri has made a heartfelt EP full of joy with Mechanic High. It is a special EP that makes different people experience and remember unique, personal things, based on our own experiences. Do not miss it out!

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