Herald K “Arethusa”

Let’s take a different path today and depart from the busy summer parties, rivers of drinks and the popping beats. Instead let’s take a stroll deeper into the forest and soak in the warm quietness. Somewhere in this forest is a river, home to a story quite like the one you’re about to hear in the newest single of Herald K.

Those places connected to this myth are all real: Alpheus (the river) is in the western Peleponnese in Greece. And the Arethusa fountain can be found in the cental square of modern-day Syracusa, Sicily. I have travelled to those places and seen them!

The Norwegian singer-songwriter loves a good piece of literature. His soft folky sound is in fact influenced by tales told in his favourite poems and novels, and he builds a captivating world around the scene, inviting the listeners to come and sink in the whole atmosphere and be a witness to some mystifying stories layered with hidden meanings. Right now Herald K is very keen on all things mythological, and this new single is the first to come out of this string of songs.

For me the myth had a deep resonance. I wanted to write a song about it for years… Finally, one day when alone in a Norwegian mountain cabin, it came to me, and I wrote it all down inside one day…

Arethusa” is a beautiful nymph and also the title of the new single. Much like the calm imagery of her bathing in a river, the song begins with beautiful magical instrumentation. The story takes on a turn as the river is also a god named Alpheus, and he’s taken in by the nymph’s beauty, wanting to have her all for himself. The bubbling and foaming story is told by a deep warm voice, underlining the sheer passion from the river god as well as the nymphs desperate need to escape.

The thorough calmness in the artist’s soft-spoken voice allows to trust the nymph managed to escape. How, you ask? Well, then you’ll have to listen to this song!

There seems to be a lot of themes beneath the surface of this myth: male power – female power – temptation – passion – transformation – liberation/escape. So the song explores that…

Herald K’s songs like to take inspiration in literature. He often uses a poem or a story as a starting
Herald K

“Arethusa” will be part of Herald K’s new album “Mythologies”, promising with more stories like this one as well as magical instruments and collaborations with other great musicians!

point and then re-presents it his own way… Yet he always seeks to make the song stand alone. No prior knowledge should be needed to ‘understand’ it…

Herald K

Photos are made by Funky Eye.

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