Martina “Cloud Nine”

Searchers of chilled trap vibes have just got lucky – today’s blog post features just about the dreamiest pop songs I’ve heard as of late. The song is titled “Cloud Nine” and it’s a thoughtful melodious single written in memory of her grandpa.

Martina, the creative mind behind this single, is a fresh-faced singer-songwriter from Italy. She’s a genre-blender musician who brings the best of r&b into the realms of dreamy pop. In addition to the swaying echoing soundscapes offering quite an immense listening pleasure, the artist’s relaxing sound comes coupled with relatable messages.

Her debut single “Cloud Nine” sounds light and dreamy, but its core comes from quite a heavy place. Co-produced with fellow artist Jordan Elgie, the song’s lyrics handle grief of losing a friend. Echoing atmosphere supports the tentative emotions and carry slivers of memories within. Martina’s evocative vocals unravel the emotions with such tenderness and care, showing how much the lost person was loved, and her thought process walks through the layered haze of grief, pouring her emotions out into the lyrics and allowing the reverberant synth chords carry them on.

“Cloud Nine” sets a perfect example of what Martina is capable of as an artist. Owning a beautiful voice and armed with equally stunning songwriting skills, I can be sure she’ll find a way into the hearts of many listeners out there. Especially those who love chill vibeful pop, and r&b!

Check the song out now!

“My main creative intention with this body of work is to relate, to resonate and to connect with people that went through the same feeling and emotion! I would like to be the soundtrack of my audiences life, that they can always count on my music if they’re going through a similar experience!” Martina

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