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Tidal is a retro synthwave EP, the newest release from English singer-songwriter SBR Bone and Star. A diverse lineup of five tracks make up the album and give it a nightlife feel. An antithesis to the typical summer pop release, SBR takes us through the urban underground with a style nicknamed “Dance Vamp”: an hypnotic, high energy sound inspired by the sound, culture, movies (and vampires) of the 80’s. Tidal is an atmospheric album that immerses us into its mood in a creative and explosive way.

SBR Bone and Star is the artistic name of Samantha. While she had recently released the EP Arrival in February of this year, its warm reception by fans and critics alike inspired her to instantly start writing even more music. Tidal roots its inspiration in the works of Prince, Nine Inch Nails and The Cocteau twins. She has teamed up once again with producer Ste Cole to deliver a musically complex achievement in both music and lyrics.

‘Tidal’ is SBRs 2nd release, and marks a definite turning point in terms of her musical direction. After her debut, she and her amazing followers discovered a love for SBRs dancier and darker side. So this EP marks the exploration of that side of her musicality. Always with her finger on the pulse of her amazing listeners, SBR is on track to give them more of what they love. Dark, sexy, immersive music to get lost inside of on a summer night. With a distinct 80’s feel, it will hopefully give some of you a haunting and familiar feel, whilst also being edgy, sparkly and brand new! -SBR

The five tracks of Tidal explore the dark underside of synthpop. It explores how emotions come and go, as if they were the tide of the ocean. “Ride” feels as if we were traveling through the dark side of the city, watching its skyline through the windows. SBR’s hyperstylized vocals amplify the feeling of exploration, as it generates a feeling of space with its echoes. The title track of the album “Tidal” takes this idea to the next step, as it creates a dark soundscape through synths and echoes, making us feel as if we left behind the city, and only the infinite darkness of the road is ahead of us. “Trust Fall” is about how relationships are more fragile than we believe. We may put our trust into someone that may not be even worth it, and the only ones that suffer are ourselves. “Drive” takes us back to the city with its adrenaline filled synths that make a steady beat that drives us forward to the song. “BWOMT“, Beautiful Waste of My Time, takes the dance aspect of the album to make a melancholic extremely danceable track about past relationships that went nowhere, but had a little something that makes us remember them fondly.

Tidal is a must hear album for those who are fans of the retrowave genre. SBR gives it her characteristic Vamp look and feel (sexy, dark and ethereal) making it truly a special gem. Do not miss it out!

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