Brand new video release today (June 29th) for the last track “Valley” of this EP so it’s a good reason to watch it here and also take a look to this article presented last year, enjoy it!!!

There’s no better way to lose a little bit of your hearing that with Teen Mortgage’s new EP. “Smoked” is a fantabulous collection of distortion, surf punk and stoner rock, face-melting all the way through. Listen right now to “Smoked EP” and say hello to Tinnitus.

Hello, my friends! It’s a new week and we’re back again to bring you some of the best and freshest hot stuff out there! Today we have a heavy AF EP brought to us by Washington DC’s tinnitus transmitting twosome, Teen Mortgage.

Filled with brutally loud guitars and drums, this EP released by King Pizza Records was crafted as a way to explain this cultural wasteland we call America. With its five unique tracks, “Smoked EP” hits you hard and strong with its skateboarding references.

But first, let me tell you a bit about them.

Emerging from Washington DC’s primordial hardcore soup in 2017, Teen Mortgage, comprised by James Guille (Vocals/Guitars) and Ed Barakauskas (Drums) quickly ravaged their way through a regional reputation show by show, opening and touring with notable bands like Ron Gallo, Surf Curse, Big Business, Alex Lahey, The Chats, Bass Drum of Death, JEFF The Brotherhood, Mike Krol, The Coathangers, Meatbodies etc.

Inspired by acts such as Ty Segall, Osees, Misfits, Melvins, IDLES, Dead Kennedys, Red Fang, Dead Kennedys, EYEHATEGOD, and Sleep, the band has a very heavy sound with a lot of surf punk and stoner rock tones. Fuzz filled and greasy, just how I like it!

Now, onto the EP!

In situation of turning lemons into lemonade, having a global pandemic wipe out all of our gigs and touring plans overnight freed up time for us to go back into the studio. As we figured it, best get busy recording or get busy dying.” – Teen Mortgage

“Smoked EP” comes with 5 ear-piercing tracks that hover between chaotic, powerful and hypnotic. There’s a notable harmony achieved between hard-slamming riffs and melodic choruses. The lead single “Smoked” is a reference to skateboarding culture (as Guille is an avid skater) or as the band puts it: an anthem dedicated to the escape from angst and our mundane society that skateboarding gifts you.

In skateboarding culture “smoked” means to fall and slam hard into the ground whenever you try to do a trick. “This is exactly what it felt like to be an American during the pandemic. We slammed really hard, and all we wanted was an escape.” – Teen Mortgage

The tracks’ titles are: “Shangri-La”, “Smoked”, “Ghost Girl”, “Can I Live”, and “Valley”. Each one of them with a unique approach to Stoner Rock, Garage Rock and Grunge. Anthemic, raw and greatly energetic, each track performs a different role that put together display the marvelous power and ambition of Teen Mortgage’s EP.

Releasing their first EP, “Life/Death” in 2019, the band has since sold out their limited cassette run and have earned sync deals with Vans Shoes, Evil Bikes, and Showtime series Shameless. The album also gained recognition as recipients of multiple 2020 Wammies (The Washington Area Music Awards) for Best Punk Band and Best Punk Song for “Falling Down.”

Tracks were recorded and mixed by Justin Day of New Noise Recordings (Asthma Castle, Meth Rats). Tracks were mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman of Mobtown Studios (Future Islands, Ice Cube, The Dismemberment Plan, Celebration).

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