Rena Hart “Ride or Die”

Let’s imagine the daily life is a bit like a journey on a highway. The destination may be very clear for some, foggy and uncertain for others, and while some know where to aim for, some others have got lost in the map, not wanting to run that same course anymore. Rena Hart was on a real-life highway commuting to her job when she realized just that – the course she’d been running does not fulfill her real desires.

Luckily, the artist had someone close to her supporting the decision of turning around and going the other way, and that special person has become the basis of Rena Hart’s newest single “Ride or Die“, the rocking and driving song that sparks with energy and endless appreciation and love. “Ride or Die” comes with eloquent pop vocals, lyrics that stay true to the artist’s self and beautiful atmospheric intermissions between smashing percussion that leaps forward like a hunting wild cat of sorts. Written at a crossroad, the song takes a hard look to the old and stale path, and ultimately describes the journey to the truly desired destination. The running inspiration from the special loved one also drags them both through the accidents that happen on the way.

“The opening lyric to Ride or Die is a perfect representation of what I was feeling. “I found myself on a highway heading south when I should have been going the other way.” I literally wrote that line while commuting to my job. I had been working a 9 – 5 and had completed neglected this other part of me. The artist in me was trapped, abandoned, sad and angry. I knew I had to turn things around and focus on music and I was lucky to have someone by my side to encourage me to live in my power.

Once I wrote and recorded Ride or Die, I felt like I was taking control of my narrative. Eventually, I scaled back my day job and began heavily focusing on music and other creative projects. Fortunately I had a partner that was supportive of the life change that followed. My Ride or Die. Someone who not only was ok with me taking this huge leap of faith, but also encouraged it. Me living my truth made us stronger as a couple. We all have our own path. We just need to create it.”

Rena Hart

The single comes with a music video which illustrates the whole highway concept and turns it into an 8-bit game. There are some crashes along the way, but ultimately the video characters drive off into sunshine together (coming soon)

Living in Los Angeles, Rena Hart is a singer-songwriter who loves collaborating with various producers. “Ride or Die” was created with Excel Beats, a fellow producer the artist met through a common friend. As for the music, Rena Hart weaves soulful nearly magical synthpop sounds that comes combined with honest lyrics, her incredible vocals and a burst of real good feeling.

“You can always expect variety in my songs but consistency in my songwriting. I love experimenting with different sounds and even genres and will often introduce them into my existing sound. As for songwriting, I don’t hold back, am pretty confessional and also tend to be more traditional in structure. All of my songs have at least one verse in addition to a chorus. New listeners can also expect to see me present my music in creative ways, whether it’s a unique music video concept, performance concept, or embracing a new technology and incorporating into what I do. I love innovation!”

Rena Hart

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