Fun, exciting, original, out of the box. BlimeyOhRiley’s upcoming EP is a must hear album that encompasses different genres like Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, and even Reggae and psychedelia. A brilliant creation that will fill your ears with fresh ecstasy and energetic turbulence. OUT NOW!!!

MUST listen to this EP. It is literally like nothing you’ve ever heard. I might be ahead of myself but “Where We Are Merely Imaginary” might be the #1 EP release of the year reviewed in this blog.

BlimeyOhRiley is a power trio from the UK which released their first self-titled album back in 2016. Later in 2019, their hit single “Living In The Unknown” saw the light. Both of these releases were conceived by the idea of creating something for everyone, this EP was conceived with having something for themselves everywhere.

Exploring with a heavier sound, the EP is filled with nasty, high-gained guitar riffs, smacking drums, and slapping bass. Vocals are fierce, high-reaching and powerful. Overall, the EP is notoriously dynamic and explorative, none track sounds like the other, and every track surprises with unexpected but much appreciated melodic and tempo changes.

Far from being subtle, “Where We Are Merely Imaginary” is explosive, hard-hitting, and emotive. A collection of tracks that will strike you with a tremendous amount of originality in tracks like “Check Yourself“, and “Kelly Kapowski“. Trust me, you’ll be immediately hooked.

The fusion of genres in tracks like “Pink Elephants” (my favorite), and “Stress“, is something out of the history books and deserve lots and lots of plays. Seriously guys, you need to check it out.

“A long creative process has seen us change our approach to songwriting and what boundaries we could push compared to our previous efforts. It became quite clear that we didn’t want to write standard structured songs all of the time and instead explore some different ground. We feel that not only have we managed to include our style of music within the record, but that we have evolved it.” – BlimeyOhRiley

With top notch production, recording, and songwriting abilities, the UK band has achieved something spectacular while also maintaining their original natural style. You can expect to be mind-blown.

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  1. Wow! “Imaginary” might be the #1 EP release of the year reviewed in this blog” was my favorite part of the review.

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