Cécile Naïla- Rosa Illumina

Today’s featured single is by french singer songwriter Cécile Naïla! “Rosa Illumina” is a mystical calming song that proves that music can serve as a way to connect with the soul. Naïla channels nature and her inner self to bring us a single about hearing what nature has to say and heal our inner wounds by listening to her words, bringing forth a spiritual connection that only her music and her words are capable of.

The inspiration for “Rosa Illumina” begins through Naïla’s connection with the Medicine of Roses. Being a therapist herself, her music searches for a way to connect with the internal vibrations of our soul by forming a link between mind and body that allows to rediscover ourselves and develop further beyond. Naïla’s music strives for an internal reaction, almost natural reaction. That is why she surrounds her sound through a harmonic atmosphere full of depth, which permits us to dive further and further, discovering new things about her music as well as ourselves.

The origin of this piece comes from Cécile Naïla’s link with the Medicine of Roses. It began through meeting women healers from Mexico who work with the quantum energy of roses, with whom she trained and organized her visit to France for several years. Cecile also works as a therapist and gives quantum healing with roses. She uses singing in the care she gives to open and harmonize interior spaces and connect with the soul of the person. The rose is for her a master plant, a teacher plant. It is a very high and very subtle vibration, which will act as a channel for the great Mother. This universal Love energy that comes to embrace unconditionally, and will bring us to the source of what calls to be transformed and healed within us. The rose awakens the power of love in our heart. She teaches us to love all these spaces of non-love, all these spaces that we have been able to reject or deny. She comes to help us come together where all our life experiences can be understood from the space of our heart, which can open to infinity. This song is a song of healing and opening the heart. It acts as a vibratory treatment, and transmits the energy of Rose Medicine. The mantra Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha invokes the grace of the Tibetan goddess of compassion: Tara. –Cécile Naïla

How can one reach the soul through music? Listening to “Rosa Illumina” may serve as a clue. For one, the strings playing a regular rhythm, each guitar on different constant measures, allows our soul to adopt one as our own. Our body becomes aware of it and starts to vibrate on the same level, bringing us to a state of deep meditation. But Cécile Naïla’s vocals are the key that finally helps our body to open and let all the music into our soul. She sings a chant in spanish about the curative capabilities of nature and the rose with her beautiful voice bringing the mysticism of the track to another level. Finally, she exploits her voice as an instrument by harmonizing with herself in the chorus and the backing vocals. These harmonies are the curative element of the track, as their vibrations allows our soul to be on a specific mood.

“Rosa Illumina” is a track that is curative and meditative to the soul. Cécile Naïla forms a connection with music, nature and the soul that very few artists are capable of. Do not miss this track! And you also can support the artist buying the full digital album that includes this track here:

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