Cielo Pordomingo “Wake Up”

Wake up, babe, Cielo Pordomingo has just released a new single!

Originally from Argentina and now based in Mexico, Cielo Pordomingo is a singer-songwriter creating flourishing music combining rhythmic electronica with the elegant wilderness of orchestral instrumentation. The whole composition reflects the artist’s soul and drives forth not only the message, but also quite a listening pleasure – Cielo’s singing voice coupled with forward-thinking electronic-symphonic compositions feel fresh like the morning to a new day full of excitement.

The newest single, “Wake Up” actually takes the embodiment of a new shimmering morning coming with a change of wind. Featuring a driving beat with electrifying bass synth, the vocals influence that sort of tribal energy even further, inspiring to take off the handcuffs and taking control in your own hands. The handcuffs don’t even have to be a visualization of someone else’s control, it can also be as simple as procrastination.

“Wake Up is an invitation to get up and move on, keep walking, even if everything seems to be falling apart. To continue creating and carrying out your projects, even though everything seems against you. It is an invitation to continue dancing together until you fly.”

Cielo Pordomingo

“Wake Up” has also a music video that illustrates the song’s message quite wonderfully through a 2D animated cartoon featuring a blonde main character and her home town. All of them are controlled by strings pulled by some strange controlling objects, but once they figure out how to remove the cuffs and break the control, they all go through an ascension. Quite literal one in the video, in fact!

The dancy popping synth-orchestral song is a great reminder that no matter what is going on, you should take control back in your own hands and lead your own path. You’ll be more in tune with yourself and doing what you actually want to do!

“Wake Up” is the first single off Cielo Pordomingo’s upcoming release titled “Blinkerland”, which the artist calls her “Inner Land”.

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