Abisso- Son Of Abyss

Music appeals to our senses. It can influence our moods and emotions just by itself. Of course, lyrics serve us to understand and rationalize what a certain song or album aims to achieve on us. But what happens if we are left with only music? The door to interpretation, to what we feel is left open. Each individual listener is left with their own feelings, which vary from person to person. Music, and thus our feelings, become abstract. We feel sensations in our body and mind that we are unable to put into words as we submerge into its influence.

The latest album from the Italian duo Abisso Son Of Abyss puts us exactly in this position. Abisso envelops us in a dark, serene and beautiful instrumental soundscape, making us feel a variety of emotions, from dread to hope, and reflect about life itself. An experience that is rare nowadays.

Abisso is composed of EryaV and D’avy. Their music is characterized by the elaborate atmospheres and how they develop each one of them. Mystical, dark, and melancholic, they experiment around distinct layers of sounds to create shades of music, leaving us with a poetic and powerful experience, as if we were voyaging to an alternate dimension. EryaV and D’avy are influenced particularly by cinema itself. If one listens closely to the ten tracks of Son Of Abyss, we may be able to identify a certain narrative elements in music form and form ourselves an idea of what the album is about. Abisso is a multimedia project, and thus includes photographs and videos in their work that enhance the listening experience. Of course, they made sure each interpretation varies from individual to individual and that each one is as correct as each other. In this way, Son Of Abyss becomes an open ended album.

Son Of Abyss is a project with intimate elements and aspects. Among other things, we would like people to grasp the beauty and importance of remembering themselves, imbued with the entire emotional spectrum that they often carry like a bundle that doesn’t belong to them. However, since everyone’s perception and processing differs, everyone will interpret in their own way what they observe, listen and feel. -Abisso

Nietzsche once said that if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you. Abisso proposes the listener let themselves be engulfed by the abyss. Each track in Son Of Abyss is a distinct soundscape that in a way makes us feel as if we were underwater: The opening track “O” makes us inmediatley think of water, of submerging ourselves in a lake with a car. Its drones and heavy dark synths create a sensation of a dark place, were the pressure is so high we can barely move; maybe we are suffering from sleep paralysis, as each of our limbs become numb: The lingering drones of “Son Of Abyss”, the white noise of “Khobalto”.

But in this nightmarish state, we can see a ray of hope. Abisso introduces short, melancholic piano and string interventions that alleviate the atmosphere. They make us feel as if we were not alone in a powerful way. Sometimes they are calming as in “Fragile”, “Veined Death” or “Subliminal Whisper”, other times they increase the dramatic tension as in “Sin.k.hope”. As they album progresses, the presence of strings and piano become more prevalent and take the center stage, signifying that, wherever we were, we are not there anymore. This happens in tracks such as “Malik” and “Vacuum”.

“Soul Esalation”, the closing track of the album, is a surprising twist that suddenly gives a new meaning to the journey we partook. Its closing moment are powerful and carry a deep symbolic meaning.

Son Of Abyss by Abisso is an album based on sensations. Each one of us may experience something different with each listen. What would you feel? Make sure to listen it to find out!

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