Romain Gutsy- “My Only Love”

Today’s featured single is a romantic and catchy folk-pop track with Spanish guitar roots and a sprinkle electronica thrown into the mix! Romain Gutsy‘s “My Only Love” is a passionate love song that puts into light his own musical and lyrical capabilities. Gutsy’s guitar playing abilities and voice serve as the spotlight of the single by just how expressive they are! A tender song with an unexpected twist that no one shall miss out!

Romain Gutsy is a French born singer songwriter that started his career during the 90’s when playing in various bands that include accordion in Les Affamés, guitar in Celtic band Daffy Plays Mandola and Grammy award winners Soul Asylum and Calvin Russel. His debut album, Whatever Says The Clock, was launched in 2020 after almos 20 years of musical hiatus, time in which Gutsy traveled the world. It was inspired by classical American and Irish poetry. His second album When Leonard Met Dolly was out in 2022. “My Only Love” is his latest released. Inspired by classical Spanish guitar as well as the Study #1 by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, it was written and composed by Romain Gutsy, it also features the talent of Marc Bentel, who was in charge of the arrangement, production and mastering.

I was practicing and often when I have a classical guitar in hand, I warm up by playing Estudio #1 of Villa-Lobos. And that day I started to sing on it. And that was the start of My Only Love. At this time we had decided with a good friend of mine, Russian opera singer Svetlana Kasian, to record an EP together. So I wrote the song thinking of her and her incredible voice. But two things happen, one great and one terrible. The terrible is that the war against Ukraine started and Svetlana was stuck in Moscow. So we tried to find solution to record separately, but then a great thing happened, Svetlana became pregnant of her second child (and that has quite an influence on her voice). So we decided to postpone the project. I recorded the song alone and contacted my friend Marc Bentel, who lives in Florida. He liked the song and we worked together on the instrumentation/arrangement. And here it is. I think it’s a very good song. -Romain Gutsy

The inspiration for “My Only Love” becomes apparent from the very first chords of the track. It starts with a prelude of a complex guitar directly inspired by Spanish music. Following the introduction, Romain Gutsy’s comes with a full swing. The passion in his voice directly impulses the feelings of the passionate undying love in his lyrics, as the music becomes more and more dramatic with each passing chord. Suddenly, Gutsy shows us his vocal range by completly changing his register: A deep resonant voice full of a distinct color, full of emotion. The track closes masterfully, when music and lyrics are at their peak.

“My Only Love” is a passionate single that fully exemplifies what Romain Gutsy’s music is all about. Give it a listen!

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