This UK artist makes his debut with this New-Wave/Synth-Wave inspired EP. A three track collection of retro feeling tracks that make us vibe with its funky rhythms. Bon Shredder is all about musical voyage, so buckle up and feel the groove. LISTEN NOW!

Alright folks, today we have a very special release made by this Basingstoke, UK, music producer. James Furniss, AKA Bon Shredder, created this solo project out of love for all things rad. Formerly a member of the band Habitats, Furniss is now creating music on his own, trying to build himself as a solo artist.

Using a DIY approach to his craft, Shredder makes use of vintage sounds such like synths, 808 drumbeats, and an 80’s sound that’s both fresh and surrounding. Keeping it minimal, he uses just a few instruments and a single laptop. His goal is to translate his musical adventures and to show that you don’t need a big studio to make music that you love.

The EP comes with three tracks that have pretty cool names, such as “Panther Terminator”, “Buster Blue”, and “Cosmo Cat”. All three songs carry a similar vibe which is very reminiscent of the 80’s with its big reverberating snares, deep kicks, and funky bass lines. Of course, retro percussions, and washy sounds make it into the mix.

As I mentioned above, Bon Shredder is all about rad things with great vibes such as skating, surfing, movies, adventures, and road trips. All of these are translated into a feel-good trip of danceable beats filled with funky riffs and catchy synth lines.

“Panther Terminator” was inspired by hot summer nights, when you’re out on a mission to have all types of fun. “Buster Blue” is a track about strong feelings, and the passion you have for something you absolutely love doing. And “Cosmo Cat” is nothing less than having a hot date night out. Groovy!

“My cats are always meowing during takes and recordings.”

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