JYLHÄ- “Queen Bee”

Bees are one of the most organized creatures in nature. They manage a microsociety structured in the most interesting ways. They are divided into three roles. Worker bees are the female bees who manage the hive. They are in charge of building it and recollecting nectar to be able to produce food for the rest of the hive. Drone bees are male bees whose main purpose is reproduction. They leave the hive in search of a partner. However, they can’t maintain themselves. They need worker bees to be able to feed and die off once their purpose is completed. Above all of them, is the queen bee. As her name suggests, the queen bee is the leader of the hive. Her extremely loyal followers follow her to where is necessary. During winter, the queen bee and the worker bees sacrifice the drones to be able to maintain heat and food supply. It is from this phenomenon by which Finnish singer-songwriter JYLHÄ took inspiration for her newest single “Queen Bee“. It is a song about female empowerment but also about the loneliness of winter and the desire to have someone by her side.

JYLHÄ means wild in the context of nature. It is the artistic name of 15 year old talent Liina-Maija Jylhä, based on Petäjävesi, Finland. Her music are pop tracks with elements of folk inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Joni Mitchell. She started playing her own compositions in Finland during 2020 driven by her desire to express herself. “Queen Bee” was composed by her alongside her producer Samuel. It was mixed and masted by Grammy award winner Camilo Silva.

“Queen Bee” starts with a powerful verse: “In the beehive, the queen decides/ who gets to live and who has to die”. We are immediately introduced to the struggle which JYLHÄ bases her themes. Her sweet voice works perfectly alongside her guitar. She is able to express the ideas and explore the day to day of the titular character. Alongside all of it, is a catchy tune that makes us want to sing along. The music takes a dramatic turn with the lyrics, when we hear that the queen bee wants someone alongside her to share her loneliness, but is afraid to lose her power. In this moment the music and JYLHÄ voice reaches its emotional peak, making us feel melancholy. She poses a deep question about love, about intimacy and its relationship to power. Does loving someone means ceding part of what makes us us?

Queen Bee” is an empowering pop single that is not afraid of showing its soft side. JYLHÄ is a young singer-songwriter that without a doubt has a future ahead of her. Do not miss the begging of her journey and give “Queen Bee” a listen!

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