Weed N’ Stiff – “Ron” (Album)

This legendary comedic duo have created a new album and two new(ish) video-games. Enough said. But for real, Weed N’ Stiff are an absolute blast. In their new album “Ron”, the musicians bring all the retro vibes pulled out from a Miami Vice world. With an 80’s sound and a heavy dose of comedy, this album is a ride to the past. Old school time, baby! LISTEN NOW!

I know what you’re probably thinking. A comedic duo? Video-games? WTF? Well, let me introduce you to this pair of NES (Nintendo) lovers / musicians / comedians! Weed N’ Stiff was created by lead singer James (Jim) Weed, and guitar player Dillard (Dill) Stiff. They’ve been playing together for a looong time (all the way back to 1994). Since then they’ve released 10 albums, written more than 100 songs, released multiple videos, and even created a documentary.

Now, the Reno, USA duo has created nothing less than a new album, accompanied by two NES video-games with them as the heroes, fighting against a fictional rival band called Moo Cow, fronted by lead singer Joe Bobson. There are a lot of characters and a whole original world inside both games, including all sorts of fantasy allies and enemies like aliens, dinosaurs, and even a deadly… goose?

As I mentioned above, Weed N’ Stiff’s sound is very retro-based. I’m talking about big 80’s drums, cool & crunchy guitar riffs, solid bass, and of course, bright synth leads. An interesting fact about Weed N Stiff’s lyrics is that Jim makes up everything on the spot, the only track Jim actually wrote lyrics for is “Roll With The”, other than that, pure improvisation man!

There are a lot of tracks (15, to be precise) within “Ron” so I won’t be able to go about each and every one of them, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun. Tracks like “Arcade City”, “Squeeze of Cream”, and “The Prom” are just plain funny as hell, as Jim improvisational skills deliver amounts of hysterical lines. The truth is that this album is not to be taken too seriously, as it is obvious to me that these guys are just having a blast and creating music that, well, you just won’t be able to find anywhere else!

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