J. Dewveall – “Trouble & Truth”

Today’s featured single is a soul track about the in-betweens of life, about the struggles not only of everyday life, but also in finding our faith. Sometimes the world gives no easy answers. What should we do if we can’t find the difference from right from wrong, heroes from villains, love from hate? “Trouble & Truth” by American soul singer J. Dewveall represents his own personal thoughts and struggles around these issues. While a melancholic at first, this new track takes an optimistic turn as Dewveall finds a comfortable distance in the nuance of life itself.

J. Dewveall’s music is an ideal soundtrack for deep reflection of life. He poses troubling questions and his point of view of the possible answers. His calm music of piano and organ invites the listener to think and reflect alongside him. He guides us through a complex thought process with his marvelous voice that hooks us until the very end of the track. “Trouble & Truth” took years to come out. Written alongside his friend Tyrus Morgan, Dewveall found himself immersed in questions of faith that made the single take its time to come out. Luckily, those questions where resolved and “Trouble & Truth” has come to our ears today.

“Trouble & Truth” is composed in a minimalistic style. Dewveall’s voice is heard over the guitar which creates a calm sensation of meditation, allowing the ideas expressed by the lyrics to permeate directly into the listener. As the song continues, the troubles proposed by Dewveall become greater and greater. More instruments such as the organ and drums join the fray. Little by little, the singer songwriter builds a climax by slowly reaching the truth that he feels inside, a thematic climax that corresponds with the musical one. We feel a sense of the sublime when the truth appears in front of our eyes: suddenly all the trouble is gone.

“Trouble & Truth” by J. Dewveall creates a sense of discovery, of realization, like none other. Give it a listen to experience something you must not miss!

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