Adri-Anne Ralph “Follow You Anywhere”

When the sense of purpose vanishes into thin air and leaves you feeling hopeless, a little bit of love can come a long way. Whether it be from a caring friend or family, or from an ethereal entity, their love can bring you out of darkness like nothing else.

This has been true for today’s artist hailing from Anaheim, US. Her name is Adri-Anne Ralph and she’s a singer-songwriter weaving splendid smooth r&b tunes filled with emotions and thoughts. Speaking of emotions, love is the one that’s driving her forth, be it the love for creating good music, or the uplifting emotion giving purpose in existence. In fact, the latter of which has become the basis of her new single.

“I love to write music that makes you feel something, and I love writing songs that stick in your head! I started out in music playing piano and writing songs for myself to sing, inspired by 90’s R&B, jazz and gospel music. In my songwriting my goal is to make good music that doesn’t have to conform to trends. I’m a vocalist, first and foremost, and my favorite part of the process is the singing, of course! I try to use my voice as an instrument to convey the most emotion that I can, and to bring joy into the process of creating and performing.”

Adri-Anne Ralph

Her newest release is titled “Follow You Anywhere” and it’s a fresh loveful r&b song full of melodies and sporting a sweet minimalistic trap beat. Adri-Anne Ralph co-produced the single with Streetburnerz Production, a group of hiphop producers who gave the single the lively percussion to run underneath the artist’s own soulful emotional vocals. Those same vocals shine with wonderful embellishments, singing so much love and appreciation for the presence of God in her life and for his love bringing her out of a really dark place in her life.

“The song “Follow You Anywhere” came out of really low point in my life. A point where I felt like the things I had been hoping and praying for for a really long time were not happening, in fact I felt like I was moving further away from them. As I was singing in church one Sunday, still struggling with feeling like I was a failure and like I had been forgotten by God, I was suddenly filled with a sense of love. And with that love, I felt God reminding me that no matter my circumstances, whether they are my fault or just unfortunate, and no matter how much I may feel like I fail or can’t seem to do things right, his love for me surrounds me and never changes. And that wherever he leads me, or has led me, it is out of a love for me so deep that I can’t even comprehend it. It’s a love that I can never lose. I was very moved to feel so completely accepted and see that I had not been forgotten after all. The next day, I went into my studio and put on this instrumental track that a production group had sent me. I loved the track, but hadn’t known what song I would write to it. But as I started recording and singing ideas over it, this song started to form. The song is based on the idea of wanting to stay inside that love, and being willing to go to the ends of the earth for a love like that.”

Adri-Anne Ralph

Follow You Anywhere” is out now, give it a listen to it today!

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