Dime Store Hustlers – “Ground & Pound” (EP)

This Power Trio from Indianapolis, IN, USA, are releasing a brand new 5-track EP that’s all about pure, heavy, anthemic Rock N Roll. Old-school style! “Ground & Pound” is a collection of fervent tracks that take us back to the Golden days of Classic Rock era. OUT NOW! (RD: 15/07/22)

Ok guys, in case you’ve been missing the good ‘ol days back when guitar riffs were king, this EP is for you. Powerful and exciting riffs is what “Ground & Pound” is all about! Pulling inspiration from anything Hard Rock, especially from the 60’s-80’s like AC/DC, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Foreigner, Dime Store Hustlers are an absolute charm to the ear in this times when modern music seems to be pulled out from a cereal box.

If you like high-power Rock & Roll that jumps from your speakers, then Dime Store Hustlers is for you. Heavy riffs, cranked guitars, pounding rhythm section, fist-pumping good-times that are best enjoyed at maximum volume.

This EP, as many of the releases we’ve had in recent days, is the result of a long pandemic lockdown. In fact, there was never a moment when all players on the album were in the same room at the same time, if the guest musicians are included. Nevertheless, DSH was able to pull it off and I’d bet their pretty proud of the result!

This is one of those EP’s where no track is similar to the next, as every track carries its own style, energy, and theme. Like the hyped performance in opening track, “Spirit of 76”, an ode to friends
and family coming of age in the mid-1970’s, written by the band’s producer and engineer Andrew Funke.

Track #2 instead comes with a very different kind of aura. An almost western-like song filled with heart-felt vocals singing about a love that failed, in spite of all the effort made. “Pale Lady (Ride On)” brings all the cool riffs and even a guest organ performance by Jeff Palmer. So cool, so bluesy, so satisfying.

Perhaps the most ambitious track in the EP is closing track “Rust Belt Anthem”, an amazing (and in deed anthemic) song that comes with a special and outstanding performance by Breezey Fox on vocals, and Zack McTigue in the lead guitar solos. What a blast! A perfect closing by the Hustlers.

Guys, you can actually win a free copy of “Ground & Pound” simply by reaching out to us on our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @jpgchief. The first ten people to send a message will be given a Bandcamp download code, so go ahead and waste no time!

The band was formed back in 2013, and since then it has gone through several line-up changes. But today in 2022, Andrew Funke (bass, vocals, guitar, production), Mike Stilts (guitar, vocals) and Erik Fox (drums) are the engine that drives the Hustlers.

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