Jasmine Ash “We’ll Sing Again”

When life has been way too hard on you lately, it may seem like there’s nothing good going on anymore. But don’t fret – the bad things may be very bad and massively sized, but they never last, and there will always be sunshine and happiness to level out the despair and sorrows. Also, it’s Monday, so happy beginning of the week to y’all, we have a really uplifting song by Jasmine Ash to prep you up properly!

In fact, the song touches the very theme I just described in the intro. Aptly titled “We’ll Sing Again“, the single is a perfect magical Disney-esque pop song full of air and melodies featuring the artist’s satin soft vocals. Co-written and produced with Jasmine’s husband, the song sports a huge blast of positive feelings, starting from those warm floaty synths that begin the song all the way to the banging chorus that bursts of energy. “We’ll Sing Again” is a tune that stands tall against the darkness, reminding the listeners that dark times will not last and the light will always come sooner or later.

Jasmine Ash, the velvet-voiced singer-songwriter, is a busy creative person with a pretty striking discography. Very inspiring, considering the fact she grew up with her deaf father, and ASL was the first language she learnt. She did begin piano lessons, but it was at the end of college when she fell in love with songwriting, and now she’s a musician weaving catchy pop, electronic elements and cinematic arrangements with her truthful and poetic lyrics, creating music that quickly becomes like the most beloved character in a movie. Speaking of movies, Jasmine Ash is also an actress and she’s got a featured role in an upcoming Disney movie!

“We’ll Sing Again” is out now, take a listen to it now and stay tuned for more to come from this shimmering artist!

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