This track is an emotional drive filled with sentiments of regret and acceptance. With a simple guitar melody, this track grows within itself like a soft storm, moving with ease but carrying a heavy burden. It’s really dope! LISTEN NOW!

ANVR is a duo from Cape Town, South Africa, created by singer / producer Andreas Potgieter and drummer / co-producer Simon Orrey. Meeting in 2011 at Stellenbosch University, the musicians first started playing as a Grunge Rock band, which later developed into the Alternative Rock act that it is today.

Inspired by bands like Twenty One Pilots, One Republic, Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters and X Ambassadors, the South African duo has created their own Alternative Rock sound that pretty much separates them from the rest.

In “Dust”, Andreas and Simon worked together to explore the juxtaposition of rock in the modern age. The track, as ANVR intended, is a very deep story of regret and acceptance, which is very easy to tell after just a few bars of the track.

Andrea’s voice is as deep as it is melodic, delivering strong and powerful emotions through his emotive verses. The drums are simple, but deliver just the right amount of energy and excitement to carry the whole track. Although the production is minimalistic, with a simple guitar line and ear-candy synths, it somehow manages to sound big and expanding, just like a sand storm!

Our music comes from a place of wanting to tell stories through the medium of song. Things that we have experienced, and bring them to you so that you might find something that you resonate with and maybe it brings to life what you have been through and feel.” – ANVR

The instrumentation for the single was recorded in Andreas’ studio. Vocals were tracked both at his studio and at Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. The mix was done by Jürgen von Wechmar (Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer) and Tim Lengfeld of TL Mastering mastered the single.

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