Cynthia Angelica’s uplifting debut “Grace”

When you’re feeling lowly for whatever reason, perhaps what you need is a spiritually lifting piece of music. There is one perfect example of a spiritual song that we’re pleased to introduce, and it’s an orchestral pop ballad song named “Grace” by Cynthia Angelica!

The mastermind behind it is Cynthia Angelica, a singer-songwriter from Maryland, US. She’s a creative who has found power in music since childhood, inspired and influenced by the incredible atmosphere of the black church as well as artists from the gospel genre and beyond. So far she’s been busy being a ghostwriter and a freelance writer within the local music scene. Now the artist has begun honing her own spiritual pop sound carrying her own voice and messages, and she invites everyone to connect and find healing through her music.

“Expect to be moved. Expect to be uplifted. Expect to find community. Fans of Tori Amos, Kim Walker-Smith, and movie soundtracks will feel at home with my music.”

Cynthia Angelica

“Grace” is Cynthia Angelica’s debut single, and it starts the journey with a full-bodied orchestral shimmer, setting up the emotional height and moody atmosphere. The vocals, followed by piano and cello, are mellow and gentle, yet full of power and rawness, and the chorus unleashes the whole avalanche of layered vocals with symphonic swell. There is quietness and hesitation in between, and sheer power that breaks all dark emotions when the full sound hits. An emotional and truly inspiring anthem!


“An unknown fact about ‘Grace’ is that it started as a breakup song, which is hard to believe when you listen to the final track. Early in the creative process, I was inspired to rewrite the lyrics, and the song in its current form was born – almost as if it were waiting to find itself. No shade on breakup songs (I have some of my own), but I cannot imagine what would have been missed if I had not been willing to let the song lead and trust the process.”

Cynthia Angelica

The single is also the first song off the artist’s debut album “Fears and Dreams”. The album is set to release later this year and will most definitely be a soul-healing experience to behold!

“Grace” is out Now!!!

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