Kyle Huskey “Villain”

The first steps to healing are never as easy as they might seem to bystanders. For Kyle Huskey, these first steps brought fear and loneliness. Feeling like a villain in your own story. And just by chance he had a guitar, and thus his new single “Villain” was created!

Feeling dark and gloomy, “Villain” is a guitar-driven song standing alone in a dark hall with no-one else around. Kyle’s gentle vocals are sincere and heavy with everything he’s bearing in his soul, and the weight is also apparent in the song’s heavy slow beat and guitar riffs that slice through air like a rugged blade. It’s the song of a terrified person who can’t see himself in any other way as the villain that ruins their own life.

“Back in March I decided to check myself into a residential rehab facility. I decided before they picked me up that I would leave my guitar at home. Focus on my recovery. Oddly enough, just a few days before I got there someone had donated a guitar to the facility. Villain was the first song I wrote on that cheap guitar. Day 3 of rehab alone at 4AM in the cafeteria. I had so much shame & guilt. I felt completely worthless & terrified. And then all of sudden I had Villain.”

Kyle Huskey

For the US-based artist it was the first steps into recovery. But even when the song comes riddled with fear and shame, there’s an inspiring feeling in the background – the artist managed to get through all of this and now this song stands as a milestone. For all those who seek to heal themselves and struggle at it, this song is heavily relatable. For those who think going to rehab is simple, “Villain” serves as a reality check. The dark emotionally thick single shows just how incredibly bad it feels like to be the useless character in your own life. But – once you get through these first heavy steps, you’ll find yourself in a better place!

For Kyle Huskey, music is one of the best things in life, as the artist says: “I just love music so much and I hope that comes through no matter what.”
The single is set to release on July 22nd. “Villain” Out Now waste no more time and listen to this track!

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