Chelsea Valentine “Wire”

Looking for a spark of that summery synthful splendour to fill your headphones with in those chilled evenings? Well you’ve come to the right place, because we have just the perfect song, and it’s fresh from a wonderful Australian artist!

The artist in question is Chelsea Valentine. Originally a DJ, she knows exactly how to keep the crowd up and dancing and the party going. After recovering from an accident, Chelsea took a break from DJ’ing and found songwriting for her, wiring the steady flow and upbeat rhythms in with storyteller lyrics and creating songs that are both a moving energy blast and a little thoughtfully described and relatable tale. When it comes to her newest single, both of those qualities are cranked up to 11.

“A bit of the back story about this song is that it kinda came from nowhere. I wasn’t too sure what to expect or what I was going to do after the release of my first track ‘Without You’ in April. Releasing that felt like a big stepping stone for me so I wasn’t sure if that was going to be the only song I would release or if there were going to be others”. Chelsea Valentine

“I like to write about all things love and relationships. While this track is 80s pop goodness, I like to experiment with different sounds. I think I always want to keep my listeners guessing as to what I might do next. And that’s what I love about music! You can listen to and love all different types of music, artist and sounds. Music can be whatever you need or what it to be.”

Chelsea Valentine

Featuring straight beat that sets a steady speed, the new song is titled “Wire” and the electro and 80s synthpop tune takes a hop into the fiery story of a relationship that has taken a turn into going up in flames. Chelsea’s vocals have that sweet velvety sheen on them, giving the song the feeling of wealthy danger, along with the already fierce heat built up by the beat and layered synths. Also, I can’t resist the pun of saying that “Wire” is hardwired for dancefloor, it’s simply such a head-bopping and foot-moving tune!

“I started collaborating with a new producer and writing with 2 of my friends. Slowly over a couple of weeks, Wire developed it to this song which I just loved and knew that I wanted to share. The inspiration for the lyrics for me came from watching Euphoria and watching some of the relationships unfold. ‘Wire’s is definitely a lot darker than ‘Without You’, I’m super excited to share it with the world.”

Chelsea Valentine

The wild sparkly-smooth single is out now so press that play button right away! And be the first to listen this track!

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