The Confederation “Tailspin”

Searching for a bit of that golden shimmer and good vibes? Well, you’re in the right place, as the song you’re about to hear is all that as well as a boost of positivity coated by splendid melodies and a whole lotta love. It’s the Confederation!

Hailing from the UK, The Confederation is a creative collective of genreblenders weaving together the sweetest aspects of rock, pop, jazz, funk, downtempo and so much more from both contemporary times and from the past. Their aim is to bring that lush golden feeling to the listeners like the old classics have done. United on the common love for music, especially for its diversity, the group infuses their music with beautiful harmonies, multilayered instrumentation and a whole bunch of feelings, creating a colorful and stunning listening experience.

Speaking of love, that’s also the theme of their newest song. Titled “Tailspin“, the single is built upon the unpredictability of love and getting caught in the whirlwind of it. The love-inspired mood is immediately set in by twangy guitar melodies and layered vocals that drip like honey, spinning in the sweet warm soundscapes like a love-filled fool in a sunny green park. There’s a taste of soul and soft rock lined in along with the funky melodies and ecstatic guitar riffs, and the whole compote builds up a wonderful good feeling that magically brings a smile on your face and brushes away the worries.

Tailspin” is out now, give it a listen on your favourite platform now!

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