Jackson Vincent “Normal Tension” EP

After a night of no sleep, I decided to put on my headphones sometime at 6AM and take a listen to a new EP of an artist new to me. I was way too woozy from the fever to read up on him at the time, so I simply listened to the release, and I was introduced to a very intricate, haunting and delicate world, a curiously well-working combination of all-natural flow of emotions and the heavily altered sound achieving the flow.

This artist, hailing from Philadelphia, is Jackson Vincent, who is an indie folk solo artist with a visionary approach to music writing. Describing his music as “music for ghosts”, Jackson Vincent experiments with all sorts of different elements, finding a way to closest represent what is going on in his soul. His gloomy yet cozy sound reflects emotions ranging from love to loss and everything inbetween, and is inspired by the artist’s personal life. His new release continues that line.

Before we go to that new release, its worth noting that Jackson Vincent’ debut EP was an ode to all things love, inspired by a long-term relationship. Since then, the relationship sadly found its end and the artist was left with a lot of feelings and thoughts to handle and as he reorganised them into music, the new release was born, and it’s his next EP titled “Normal Tension”.

Home to 6 tracks and running for total of 19 minutes, the EP comes as a memory-laden collection of music infused with deep thoughtful lyrics. Using vocoders, autotune and other methods to alter his voice, the artist has turned his stream of thoughts into a haunting broadcast from out where, featuring staggering clarity and rich smoothness. It is a dark release heavy with emotions, unraveling themes of permanence, loss and love. At the same time it has a comforting side in it – for example just listen to the warm drony sound of “Old Dog” or the shimmer of “Youth” – it’s the notion of finding yourself after all had shattered that feels just incredibly comforting.

“Normal Tension is the result of two real-world relationships ending simultaneously. As I watched two of my closest friends begin to slip away from my life, this record began to form. Normal Tension serves as a continuation of the story presented in my last EP, Foxtrot. While Foxtrot discussed the hardships of love and ended with a sense of hope for the future, Normal Tension details the beginning of life after love was lost. Loosely based on events in my personal life, the world of the narrator of these two EPs became an outlet for me to escape reality for a moment in time.”

Jackson Vincent

It’s a vulnerable release, exposing the inner world of a man who’s had to pick up the pieces and heal himself after a rough breakup. There are dreams, hopes and fears, all lined up in the ghostly broadcast from the depths of the artist’s soul. Absolutely worth a listen.

“I hope my music reaches out to you with open arms. You are not alone, no matter how rough things can be at times. My music tells my story, and I hope you can find yourself in there somewhere too as you experience this journey with me.”

Jackson Vincent

“Normal Tension” is out now on your favourite streaming platforms!

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