S J Denney- “A Silent Scream”

Sometimes those who laugh the hardest are the ones with the most difficulties behind. Their smiles serve as a mask to hide away all of the sadness they live. S J Denney’s upcoming single “A Silent Scream” reflects this complex personality. It is a deep character study with deep lyrics and an equally complex music, S J Denney proves to be a promising force to be reckoned with.

S J Denney is based on Essex in the United Kingdom. Known for his blend of folk and country, and for his daring experimentation with his sound and instrumentation, he has recently released his ep 4 Reasons to Fly which was met with critical acclaim. “A Silent Scream” is his follow up single in which he evolves his sound to the next level. He shows us a sneak peak of his upcoming proyect. While he retains his characteristic folk rock sound, S J Denney takes inspiration from his early music career playing clarinet at music school to write a full wind section that captures the feelings of the track in a psychological level.

A Silent Scream” shows the character of someone that from the outside seems to be happy and worry free, but in reality is using their smile as a mask to hide their depression. S J Denney paints these complex feelings with confessional style lyrics, in which the character allows themselves to put away the mask for a little moment, to show their vulnerable side and tell us what exactly is going on on their mind. The music reflects this with a complex chord progression. The chords are often dissonant in nature, contrasting with the otherwise sweet vocals. The wind section slowly starts gaining intensity, until it takes the center stage, as if the character’s mask was slowly breaking away. But S J Denney ends the track with ambiguity: What did the character learn of all the experience? Will they ever accept their true feelings? Or will they always be silently screaming?

“A Silent Scream” is an unmissable single by S J Denney based on complexity of character and emotion. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure to check out the press that PLAY BUTTON NOW!

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