Drew Knight “Stars”

When you’ve spent so long staring at the night sky full of stars as you’re dreaming your big desires, the sudden realization when something this big could become reality might hit much harder than one might think. Like a freight train almost. Speaking of “Stars“, that’s also the title of a song that looks into the whole starstruck state of seeing your dreams on the doorstep to reality. OUT NOW!!!

As you could probably imagine at this point, the song comes with a load of ecstasy, but the sparkling synthpop tune also holds this feeling of stunned “oh hold on, what and how?”. Riding on the strong current of feelings, “Stars” features some real blast – banging percussion, synths that shoot sparks with each melody they play and the shimmery yet shook vocals that are surrounded by the emotional whirlpool of melodies. A stormy shimmery single!

What more, “Stars” is a collaborative effort – Drew Knight joined forces with an acclaimed Oscar-nominated LA producer Bradley Denniston, and this single is first of the four singles lined up to be released on Bradley’s record label Radium Records.

“This collaboration is really kind of an interesting story. Bradley Denniston actually produced The Lego Movie Soundtrack and has a pretty big list of credits. I was trying to self-produce music during the pandemic and started following his tutorial videos. He had just released a new song called “The Afterall” which really had a cool synthwave-type vibe so I reached out to just tell him I liked the track and thanked him for the tutorials he had been posting. We started working together pretty shortly after, and “Stars” was actually started in one of the Radium Records song creation challenges and ended up being our first collaboration.”

Drew Knight

For Drew Knight, it might be the dream of collaborating with someone like Bradley Denniston that really drives forth the full blast of “Stars”. Yet it translates really well to any other dream come true that might hit, and at the same time the song provides a bit of a floating board to grab onto in the sudden whirling sea of emotions this new reality could have unleashed.

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